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We love Bromley and we think that, despite its problems, it has many things worth fighting for. Here are just a few:

  • History— its might not look it but Bromley has a rich and varied past. The place is steeped in history!
  • Landscape—on its hilltop overlooking Shortlands Bromley has one of the most impressive settings of any London town centre.
  • Open Spaces—we are lucky to have a great many public parks and gardens right in the heart of the town centre— Queen’s Garden, Bromley Palace (Civic Centre) Grounds, College Green, Queen’s Mead, Martin’s Hill and more…
  • Buildings—a variety of buildings in central Bromley are listed because of their national importance. These include Bromley College, London Road, the Old Town Hall, Tweedy Road, The Royal Bell, High Street and even the red telephone kiosk on College Green.
  • Conservation Area— most of central Bromley is designated as a conservation area. This means that the Council recognises that it is of architectural and historic interest and is committed to preserving its character or appearance.
  • Shops and Leisure facilities— Bromley is a very important town centre for South London and the goods, services and leisure facilities are worth fighting for.
  • Communities and Facilities—Bromley is the administrative heart of the London Borough of Bromley—based at the historic Civic Centre. We have Police and Fire Stations, places of worship and many other important community facilities. We also feel that local communities are very important and any changes must take them fully into account.

The Civic Society recognises that Bromley has its share of problems and that plans need to be made to reinvigorate it. We strongly believe that this should be done sensitively and cautiously to ensure that we don’t make the mistakes of the past.


Joining the Bromley Civic Society allows you to lend your support for our campaigning to preserve Bromley’s heritage – both building and green space. We use your subscriptions to pay our printing costs, visiting speakers and advisors, and any legal costs. More informatin here:

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Organisation Bromley Civic Society
Address Bromley Town, 8, Pixfield Court, Bromley, BR2 0DG, United Kingdom
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